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Small Gray Games is an independent game developer focused on text-based and narrative games, which you'll find below. Give them a try!

The Salt Keep Available Now!

This text-based adventure game with RPG elements is set in a high fantasy world where the traditional RPG aesthetics of swords and castles are set against the vaguely industrial creep of bastard feudalism. Follow traveling salesman Doyle as he stumbles into a horror even greater than the crushing debt he already knows. The game includes:

  • An immersive and character-centric narrative
  • Equippable items and upgradeable ability scores
  • Percentage-based challenges to pass or fail
  • No chance of deaths or dead-ends
The Salt Keep cover image

The Idle Class

This free, browser-based idle game puts you into the shoes of a hard-working executive. Pursue the American Dream as you found a startup, grow it into a dystopian empire, and gradually sap every bit of wealth from the scorched remains of this dying planet. The game includes:

  • 12 types of employees for hire
  • 530 money-making upgrades and 645 achievements
  • Realistic investments and corporate acquisitions
  • A perfect and unassailable critique of capitalism
The Idle Class logo

The Reply Guy Awards Retired

This free, browser-based Twitter tool has fully embraced the culture of participation trophies. Find out who has been interacting with you most on Twitter recently and automatically generate awards based on what makes their account (or their replies) special. The tool includes:

  • 10+ possible awards
  • No log-in requirement
  • The option to filter out replies from undesirable users
  • Tools to view your results as text or save as an image
The Reply Guy Awards logo