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Career Development

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    • Corresponding Employee:
    • Total Trained Bonus:



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  • /s - On Strike - - Jailed -

    • Share of Total: %
    • Cash Per Second (One): $
    • Sell Value:
    • Base Cash Per Second: $
    • Expected Cash Per Second (One): $


    • In Progress Training Bonus:
    • Next Training Bonus:
    • Time to Train:

Secret Achievements Unlocked


Name Date Awarded Description

Upgrades Owned


Name Price


Achievements Unlocked


Name Date Awarded

Name Date Awarded

General Stats

Name Value

Cash Stats

Name Value

Bankruptcy Stats

Name Value
Name Value

Employee Significance

Comparison of Earnings Types

Email Stats

Name Value

Investment Stats

Name Value

Investment Earnings by Type

Email Earnings by Type

Manual Click Earnings by Type

Click Stats

Name Value

Acquisition Stats

Name Value

Bankrupted Businesses

Name Date Bankrupted Length of Business Earnings at Bankruptcy

Passive Stats

Name Value

Research Stats

Name Value

Outgoing Email Stats

Name Value
Name Value

Career Development Stats

Name Value

Cryptic Stats

Name Value
??? ???

Election Stats

Name Value
Name Value

Bankruptcy Obstacle Stats

Name Value
Name Value

Work Stoppage Stats

Name Value

Server Crash Stats

Name Value

Lawsuit Stats

Name Value

Unforgivable Gaffe Stats

Name Value

Market Downturn Stats

Name Value
Name Value

Investments (/)

$ + $ - $ + $
- Market Crashed -
- Paused: Income Too Low -

+ $ total

- $ total


No Acquisition Held

Net Value:


    • Employees Fired (Per Click): 0.5
    • Chance for Massive Layoffs (Per Click): %
    • Employees Fired (Per Second): 1
    • Chance for New Policies (Per Second): %
    • Additional Bonus to Current Valuation: 5%
    • Chance for Fudged Numbers (Per Click): %
    • Employees Fired (Per Click): 0.25
    • Employees Fired (Per Second): 0.5
    • Chance for Chat Messages (Per Second): %
Initial Investment Value
Additional Cash Spent
Firings Per Second
Firings Per Click
Bonus to Current Valuation
Employees Remaining: -


Total Employees Fired
Total Cash Value
Additional Cash Spent
Net Earnings:

- total

+ total